During 6000 BC, it was the 16th day of the great “kurukshetra war. Late in the night, Radheya went to Duryodhana’s tent and said: “I am superior to Arjuna, but I have no good charioteer. If I have Salya as my charioteer, I am sure to win the war. But you have to coax Salya to offer his services. Embracing his friend Radheya, Duryodhana said: I will coax Salya to do this, go and rest in peace.

Talent was in short supply even in those days. And Duryodhana had no option but to outsource it for the day.

Just like then, attracting, retaining and developing talents, and keeping abreast of the latest technology can prove difficult and costly for many organizations today.

Performance Driven Resources

In Blue Tower, we have an array of the best consultants and specialists that will help you win the war, in the ever challenging market-place.

Some of the resources we are often asked by clients to provide:

  • Strategy Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Process Analysts
  • IT Services experts
  • Product Developers
  • Software Testers
  • Solution Architects
  • Facilitators
  • Project Managers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Documentation Specialists
  • Disaster Recovery Specialists
  • IT Infrastructure Specialists
  • And more

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